Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Joys of Wanting to Break Bones

     Well, it seems I've dropped the ball and forgotten to post. There are multiple reasons, the primary being exhaustion, and not feeling like I have anything news worthy.

     That being said, I have several things to post about now. Thanksgiving was fantastic. I got to spend time with Taylor, we saw two movies (Catching Fire is good, but Ender's Game does to the book what Eragon did). We snuggled and generally ate food at my house and her's. That being said, Friday was an absolute disaster. I got about 3/4 of the way through the first shift in my double that day to realize I had a voicemail from my girlfriend. In it she was a sobbing mess, telling me she had left her house crying, thought her thumb was dislocated, was hiding out in the Avenue, and I was right about Brandan.

     Ah, Brandan. Brandan is Taylor's younger brother who is eighteen and has had more pregnancy scares than girlfriends, of which he has a new one every week. Here's the tricky bit, he's also prone to fits of rage, which have only gotten steadily more violent since he's hit puberty. He ended up pinning Taylor to the floor because she wouldn't share here Ipod when he was just shy of fourteen. Whey is he still breathing? Because if I touched him my relationship status with her at the time would have been revoked by her parents and she probably wouldn't have fought the decision (we were sixteen).  I told Taylor that Brandan was bad news and to avoid being alone with him at all costs. I knew one of these days he would go ballistic and I didn't want her hurt.

     Over the years I've been told by her parents to walk softly around Brandan and that if anything happene then I would be held responsible. Brandan was the baby of the family and could get away with murder. Despite him screaming at his parents on a daily basis, throwing things, and being responsible for thier house being broken into twice, for some unfathomable reason he si still allowed to live there. Whatever.

     So Friday, Taylor was eating candy too loud and Brandan balled up a pillow (to keep from bruising her) and started wailing on her trying to cause as much pain as possible. He ended up bending her right thumb back far enough that she though it was dislocated (it was just strained thank God, but it still needs a brace for two weeks). Her parents of course believe Brandan's ridiculous tale of it being playful rough housing that got out of hand. Taylor finally sat down with her mom and flat told her that Brandan terrifies her and as long as Brandan is in the house, she won't be. So since Taylor needs a safe place to be while Brandan is at her house, she is living with me, meaning the whole space thing is shot. It's not bad, because frankly I missed her so much and I just love being around her. The reason for the space was so that I would focus on my sobriety. So my recovery has been slowed temporarily.

     That being said, my house is a Brandan free zone. If he sets foot anywhere near it, I'm calling the cops and getting him arrested for trespass. If I'm not there, my mother and the rest of my family have been instructed to do the same. She will be safe at my house even if her frankly shitty parents don't care enough about her and their physical safety to do the right thing and kick Brandan out on his ass.

     Another thing is that I'm no longer willing to accommodate Brandan just to pacify her parents. If he gets in my face, he will regret it. If he thinks of violence towards her or me, I'll hospitalize him, and the cops will be waiting for him to get casted up because I will also be pressing assault charges. I almost wish he would, it would give me a chance to fully test out the Defendu I've been studying (I can't complete nearly any of the holds or throws with my friend because they break bones).

     Her parents have failed her, and if they won't keep her safe, then I will. After all, with any luck she'll be my wife by this time next year. I've got some more things but they can wait until tomorrow (tonight) and some sanity.

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